Arboreal Futures

Creative Activities for Community Cohesion

The Project & The Partners

Arboreal Futures is the name of a project partnership established to counter the impact of social exclusion & assist the development of social interaction & cohesion through the creation of ‘Arbors’.

The partners have applied for a two year EU Erasmus Plus funding (KA2).


The word probably had its origins in the French: ‘erbier’: “Kitchen garden” & came to mean ‘a shady corner’. Other associated terms are, in English ‘bower’, ‘grove’, ‘gazebo’.

The partners, all of whom support education & capacity building activities  within their varied communities, will develop tree shaded public spaces capable of a hosting community functions. The emphasis will be on fruit trees and in particular Apple Trees. Orchards are thus a particular interest of the partnership.

frosted apples

The partners will also

  • collect & publish stories, images & pictures related to trees
  • engage members of their local communities in the whole process & encourage community ownership of the process
  • organise celebrations associated with the ‘Arbors’.


The partners are based across Europe in


Spilinga, Calabria, Italy,

The partner has already created informal trails through the ‘valley of the mills’.

The project provides an opportunity to develop this work with other community groups.

Kaunas County, Lithuania,

The oak tree (being planted here) is the symbol of the library service (the local partner). Creating arbors at libraries in the rural county is a natural extension of existing interests.


Iasi, NE Romania

An orchard sits in the school  grounds which are in an industrial zone of the city. There is considerable potential for its development both as a teaching resource & as meeting places & powerful symbol of community renewal.

orchard overview

Sarn, Mid Wales,UK

The planting of a tree in remembrance of the sacrifices made in World War One has created a considerable community interest in developing such work to include community glades & arbors


Kohoutov, North Czech Republic

Probably the most well established group in the partnership & with an excellent record of small scale but significant activities in a rural area where community cohesion has been almost non-existent.



It is in sharing the varied local experiences that the project can produce an increased dynamism and effectiveness amongst all the partners.

Through the encouragement of each other, partners will

  • increase their assistance in reducing the isolation experienced in all partner localities
  • further the development social cohesion & social capital within their communities